Great Service. Friendly Experience.

We are a team mastering the space of Information Technology, providing IT services to people and businesses in different verticals. We embrace new ideas and put our best effort to make it happen. A very flexible approach to customer requirement and easily develops an ecosystem to manage the work process.

Over the course of time we have worked with Individuals, Start-Ups, Established Organisations for their IT needs and also acted as their walking sticks. We understand your business and if it matters to you, it matters to us!



Most Talented People


DevOPs Manager

Guy in the Cloud

He handles the cloud servers with the same elan that he handles music and dance. If you have pass time, he would teach you karate as well! Very much experimental by nature. The smiley in the team. Foodie.


Mobile Applicaton Specialist

Always Mobile

All rounders in the space of technology is a rare sight, but you are lucky, you just witnessed one! The ever curious guy and an enthusiast in learning new things, he works 25 hours a day! An athlete, spirited basketball player and a never-say-die attitude sums him up.


Server Application Specialist

The Power Within

You need to drop a stone to see the ripple in water, likewise, Cyriac! Very calm and composed but the depth needs to be explored. Always task driven, team player and adheres to any circumstances. His work speaks volumes.


UI and Graphics Designer

The Dream Weaver

The creative genius who springs a surprise each time. The tallest guy lucky to have the widest view of things around him, which in turn helps him see and create the unseen!




We Are Awesome

  • I would like to take a moment and thank Tewve for the amazing work and customer service that this company has shown me and continues to show me. This company has gone far and beyond the need to serve their customers and I’m truly grateful for it. As my project took its course and started to develop, my needs and wants were put first before theirs. They wanted to make sure as a customer I was happy and satisfied with their work and on top of that the product that I was purchasing. This company is flexible, reasonable, and competitive when it comes to pricing. They were thorough on the project at hand, everything was done in a timely fashion and errors were corrected quickly. They truly pride themselves on customer service and the ability to commit to any project. Be patient with the staff for they are working around the clock to bring you the best product that you paid for. Thank you so much again and may success always be in your future!
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    Jacob Atisha
  • Jean and Tewve team have been excellent partners for Leasewallet over a year now. They provide us IT Consulting and support including website, mobile application development and Logo and other content Designs. We are very pleased with the services and highly recommend Tewve.
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    Henry Pinskier
  • The Tewve team was tasked to create NedRock's website and is also currently responsible for maintaining it. We have received exemplary customer service from the team for the past two years. They have always been professional and have provided immediate feedback to any of the queries we have raised.
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    Annu Augustine
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